Help Me Protect Our Republican Majority

I’m proud to stand as your Republican Majority Leader in the Arizona House. I get asked all the time why I’m fighting to protect our Republican Majority.
Let me tell you: In the first few weeks of legislative session, the liberal elites have introduced bills to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants, protect unions over small business, get rid of school choice, stomp on our 2A rights, and socialize healthcare. 
I won’t stand for it. 
I’m committed to fighting back, but I need your help to protect our conservative majority. Will you chip in, sign up, and add your name to protect our Conservative values from the hostile, liberal takeover?
Thank you for your commitment to help me protect our Republic. We must ensure our values are protected. Arizona is the tip of the spear in the fight to secure our border, and without your help, the caravan of illegal immigrants we’ve seen flooding our country will soon be in a neighborhood near you.

Help me stay in the fight – sign up and donate today!

– Leo