When I began my journey to run for office, I knew that I had a lot to learn. I was very new to the political arena and also understood that a lot of information coming to me from the mainstream media was not always accurate.  So I first joined various political clubs in my district and I also applied for and was appointed seats on the local planning and zoning commission and parks and recreation advisory board. I also decided to reach out to various elected and appointed local officials in Mohave and La Paz County and I asked them what it was they looked for in a successful legislator.  The number one answer they gave me was that they wanted a legislator that would fight for rural Arizona and help stop the state from stealing our money. This answer had a significant impact on me because I was born and raised here in Mohave County. This is my home, a majority of my family lives here, and my small business has been here for 25 years. So it really bothered me to hear that we were being taken advantage of at the state level. When I began to dig deeper into this issue, I realized how important it was to have legislators in Phoenix representing us who will do everything they can to fight for rural Arizona. We must have a strong team who will work together and do what is best for our district, not what’s best for Phoenix. As your elected representative, I promise you that I will always work together with my seat mate and Senator so that we can be effective at the state capitol.

I also believe that an elected representative must always listen to the people. We are elected because the voters believe that we will represent them best at the Capitol. This is something that I will never forget if I get elected, and I will always be available to listen to the wants and needs of every single voter.



Having a solid educational system in place is vital for any society to thrive. Educating our youth is very important to me because I come from a family of educators. I want to make sure that we are developing educated individuals who will become the best doctors, scientists, teachers, or mechanics in the world. When you have a quality educational system in place, everything else will follow. So my goal is to make sure that all of our children are offered the opportunity to receive a quality education. This is why I believe that we should do everything we can to provide our children with the best public schools. We must also offer as many methods of education to our children as possible. Online schools, public schools, charter schools, tech schools, home schools, and hybrid schools should all be offered to our students. Not every child learns at the same speed or level, this is why we must find ways to teach all of our children effectively. We must also make sure all of our schools are being held to the same standards.

In regards to funding education, the legislation has only one constitutional duty, and that duty is passing the state budget. Over the last few years, funding for education has gone up in Arizona, and I am a firm believer that we must be fiscally responsible when we fund education. Combined, tribes, and the state and federal government control about 81.8 percent of all Arizona land. Although we must continue to respect the tribal land, many of the millions of acres of federal land in the state of Arizona can and should be turned over to the state for leasing and/or sale opportunities. The state of Arizona also holds 9.2 million acres in a state trust, which helps fund public K-12 education. I believe if we can work together with the federal government on this available land, we can generate tax revenue and continue to fund education without raising taxes or pushing fiscally irresponsible initiatives.

We need to take the politics out of education and do what is best for our children.

Another concern for me is the fact that a large percentage of our high paying jobs are lost to oversea employees. Other countries are producing better educated individuals than we are right now, for less pay, and it is causing our jobs to be lost to foreign workers. I don’t blame the companies for doing this  because all they are doing is hiring the most qualified individual at the lowest wage. I do applaud President Trump and his administration for doing what they can to make it easier for companies to stay in our country and hire locally. This is the first step of many that needs to be done to get our country back to being the greatest country in the world.



Living in Arizona for over 30 years has allowed me to be surrounded by many heroes. Our Veterans have given the ultimate sacrifice by putting their lives on the line to protect our great country. We are lucky to have so many Veterans in our great state and especially in District 5.

In regards to Veteran’s receiving healthcare, I believe that we need to make sure our Veterans are taken care of. I appreciate the hard work and services that are being offered at the local VA clinics, but in my opinion it isn’t enough. We need to pass a law that allows every single Veteran the right to seek medical care at any facility they choose. This will free up space at the VA clinic, allowing them to provide the highest quality care to our vets. It will also allow our well deserving Veterans, who live in rural areas, the opportunity to go to a local doctor instead of driving 3 hours to a clinic. Again, let’s take the politics out of Veterans care and do what is best for the Veterans.



My parents are immigrants. They applied to become a citizen of this great country when they arrived from Italy in the early 70’s. They understood the requirements when they made the commitment to become a US citizen. The process took years but they did it the right way and have been grateful ever since.

I understand that sometimes it isn’t easy to become a citizen of this country, but coming across illegally is not something we can just ignore. We have laws in place for a reason and I believe that if you are in this country illegally, you must be deported. I also truly believe that many foreign workers are some of the best workers. Many Mexican, Chinese, Filipino, etc., nationals can contribute to our society by working here. This is why I believe that we can develop a successful work program with these individuals that will allow them the opportunity to work in the United States legally.  After a certain number of years in the program, they can apply for citizenship if they choose to. This allows for the government to properly vet the individuals, forces the immigrant workers to pay taxes,  and it provides a workforce that can work the hard labor jobs that are in demand. For this to work, the entire country must be on the same page in regards to immigration. We cannot have sanctuary cities across this country undermining the law. The safety of this country and our citizens must come first.



Regardless of what the mainstream media tries to tell us, gun control has nothing to do with guns, but everything to do with control. We must do all we can to protect our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Our country was founded on freedom and the right to protect ourselves is a big part of that freedom. I will never stop fighting for the 2nd amendment.



Growing our economy is extremely important, especially for rural Arizona. We need to find ways to promote small businesses and also encourage large corporations to relocate to our area. I am a small business owner and I understand how hard it can be to run a business if unnecessary regulations are in place. We must push for less regulations so that businesses in Arizona can thrive.

Mohave County relies heavily on tourism. Although we currently do a great job in that area, I believe we must find other ways to support our economy. Solar energy plant, expanding our mine production, large-scale hemp farming, large rural medical center, or an Amazon processing plant are all developmental ideas that could help boost the rural Arizona economy. I will always look for ways to boost our economy if elected to the Arizona Legislature.



Arizona spends $2.9 billion per year on welfare spending. I am a firm believer that we all deserve a hand up during times of hardship. Unfortunately, many people abuse the welfare system. I have personally come across many people in my industry who are lifers on the EBT and welfare program. They choose not to work because they receive food, housing, and healthcare for free.

So I want to propose that we require 5 hours a week of community service if an individual is receiving government assistance. They can donate 1 hour a day at any government approved facility(i.e. senior center, local food bank, street clean up, etc.). As long as they satisfy the 5 hour requirement, they receive benefits.

I also understand that you have individuals on the program who are disabled, attending school, have a part-time job, etc. Certain exemptions can be made for those individuals. The reason I am proposing this requirement is because I believe too many people have become comfortable with receiving benefits. Many have no desire to work or contribute to society anymore because they have become accustomed to the free money. Making this a requirement will not only save the state money, it will also provide an opportunity for the individual to earn the benefits they are receiving. It is about providing a hand up, not a hand out.



I was raised in a strict Italian Catholic family and grew up understanding the sanctity of human life. I believe that if you are ready to have sex, you better be ready to bring a life into this world. This is why I have been and will always be pro-life. I do agree with former President Ronald Reagan on the exception rule in regards to abortion. President Reagan stated that we must also understand that situations like rape,  incest, or medical emergencies do occur, and that we must be understanding to those women and their situations.





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